Offline reading of complete history of messages now available


Hello everyone,
Several of you have asked about the possibility of reading all the past
messages when away from the internet. I've asked Yahoo about this
several times over the past year but have never received a reply. Great
news is that I've found a message reader/downloader designed
specifically for Yahoo Groups; it's called PG Offline and full featured
30 day trial version available here:
Yesterday I installed the application and downloaded the complete
history (November 4, 2001 thru August 14, 2007) of message postings.
Text file is big (5.4MB), and is now in the FILES section of this
website. Some cleaning up was done in Microsoft Word via Find and
Replace changing things like " to ", etc. If anyone is a wiz with
Word and can conduct a better clean-up or create an subject-indexed
version, by all means proceed ahead (just post your re-edited file)!
One thing is certain--replies to postings contain appended
advertisements and notices from Yahoo (or other feebie emailers) at the
end of each post. I can't see any automated way to sort thru 3,000+
messages and delete this junk and header information. I even exported
the file to Excel but that was more limited than Word for cleanup.
Excel does have nice sorting ability and breaks the messages into
column headings for Message number; Date; Author; Subject; Message. If
anyone wants the Excel spreadsheet version of this message archive
uploaded, let me know. It's 6.3MB in size.
All the best,
SM #5 Spice

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