Rudder shaft leak.


Merry Christmas Gang,

We arrived in Guadeloupe from Lanzarote. 7 days of slow slogging then 11 days of good progress.  Total 18 days 20 hours.  

Our beauty held up fine and we only have a rail cleat to repair and a rudder post leak to stop... the latter is done already but the question is this: we changed the rudder packing in July and twice tightened the big nylon nut.  Worked sans leak from Majorca to Gib, Madeira and Lanzarote.  4 days out of Lanzarote, a small leak began... then got worse as we sailed west.  Nothing alarming but needing a drying up session every 2 hours at the end.  Do you do preventive "tightening" ... if so at how many miles?  

Sea states were 5-6 and occasionally 7.  The hydraulic AP worked flawlessly throughout.

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