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In 2014 on the way to Tahiti we developed a leak that filled the compartment outside the aft head.

At the time we couldn't work out where the water was coming from for a while, tightening the nylon nut slowed it down, By the time we got to Fiji, it was leaking badly again and we employed the local guys to replace the packing ..BIG MISTAKE. They cross-threaded the nut and it wouldn't drive down on the 3 layers of packing...and it leaked.
In the Yasawa Is I took the nut off and removed the top layer of packing put in some fine polyester string to add a little thickness and managed to get the nut to thread properly and seal...dry boat !!
Got to New Zealand and I ordered a new nut from Maud...put in 3 layers of packing and tightened it just enough when in the water and it hasn't leaked since....but I check it every few days just in case !!
Elyse SM437

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