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Robin Cooter <robincooter@...>

Hi Al and Jean,

As for as I know AMEL have not built a 48' boat. Leonore of Sark is a 16 meter (apx 53') boat, which only recently went out of production. In the past there was a 14 meter (apx 46') ba called the Maramu, which went out of production in the late 1980s and which was followed by the antorin, also 14 meters, which was< i believe built from 1990 to the mid '90s.
The Super Maramu has a big "U" shaped galley- see photos of Leonore. We own a Santorin - at a distance it is difficult to tell the difference between the Santorin and the Super Maramu but the SM has much more interior volume. We have lived on the boat for longish periods and have found no difficulties with the size of the galley but if you are producing anything a bit special in the gastronomic line there is a shortage of preperation space and we use the saloon table. It stays covered most of the time - it is a far too beautiful piece of wood for everyday use! - and has the advantage that you can sit to prepare food for cooking. There is absolutely no shortage of galley / food storage space on any AMEL. In fact the danger is that your possessions expand to fill the available space and i believe we have enouth food stocks on board to survive world war 3! (Aquired before visiting Cuba and then not used because fresh food was available)

Hope this helps


Robin Cooter
Belouga - Santorin 004.

anitemaster <> wrote:
First I would like to introduce myself, Jean, and my husband Al who
have recently engaged our retirement plan. The usual stuff, sell the
house, sell the boat, and give most everything else to the kids if they
want it. Seems however, when we decided to start things, the market
went soft in housing and in boat sales. So we are forging ahead and
getting our boat in spite of the market.

Al and I are presently looking to buy our boat and have her ready to go
for Aug `09. The Amel has always been the boat that Al has liked but
when I see photos of the 48`s the galley looks so small. Are there
hidden workk spaces somewhere, and what is the purpose of the tray to
the left of the sink. Do owners feel this galley is sufficient?

Thanks for any feedback you may be able to provide and we look forward
to communicating with the group memebers.

BTW, we are in Halifax, on Canada`s eastern coast if there are any
members nearby and would like to get together, just let us know.

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