main sheet traveler winch

davidlambertsen <no_reply@...>

Hello, les Amels...I sail Maramu #258, built in 1989. The winch for
the main sheet traveler is under the dodger on the starboard side.
The line always jams up in this winch when I try to move the traveler.

I have tightened the line leading into the winch, but it still
stretches and jams. Soon, I will replace the line with a low stretch
line. Currently, I cannot adjust the traveler with any force on the
main sheet.

My questions are these: Has anyone replaced this winch with a better
design, perhaps supplied by Amel, that does not jam or pinch the line?
Does this problem persist on the Super Maramu? Has anyone solved
this problem?

Joel Potter, any suggestions? Merci a tout.

David Lambertsen
s/v Have Fun!

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