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Hi Duane. Be sure they are giving you a sprag bearing. $60 seems very cheap.. Mine cost NZ$300. 
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You were absolutely right.  I took off the 24 volt pulley and it has a one-way bearing (clutch bearing) that is shot.  It also has a "collar" inside the clutch bearing that is in contact with the CAT Pump drive shaft. 

Amazingly enough, once I had the 24 volt pulley off, I tried to make water with the 230 V motor, and it failed as well.  This wasn't sudden.  We had two instances where the watermaker (powered by the 230 volt motor) shut down after it had run for 30 minutes in once case, and 90 minutes in another. 

Dessalator wants $400 EACH for the whole assembly (pulley, bearing and collar).  They don't recommend just replacing the bearing.  It's another case of "added value", the bearing can be had for $60 and the pulley probably about the same.  I'm having a shop replace the bearing, they estimate onlY an hour of labor.

So if you're having odd shut downs, or screeching noises, order a new bearing and find a machine shop!

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