Re: bimini for Santorin or SM


There is a bimini on my 1998 SM. It consists of 3 crossbars of
stainless tubing. The middle crossbar is attached to the forward
lower mizen shroud. The aft crossbar is attached to the mizzen upper
shroud. The forward crossbar is bent on either end and attaches to
fittings on either side of the hard dodger. There is one other pole
that goes from the center of the middle cross bar to the center of the
forward crossbar. The bimini material is made of a white vinyl that
is cut in the aft section to accommadate the mizzen mast. There are
two zippers on either side of the mizzen, one zipper for the middle
and one zipper for the forward crossbar. The forward crossbar swivels
at the attachment points, and there are two webbing type straps that
attach to either side of the forward crossbar and extend forward to
tension the rig.

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Does anyone have experience and recommendations for a bimini for
Santorin Ketch or SM?
Helps greatly appreciated.
Fairr winds
Santorin N� 122 moored in Ancona (Italy)

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