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Stephen Davis

Hi Eric,

Mine is a much older boat, but I'm fairly certain the shaft size is the same on all. My shaft size is 35 mm, and I know this because we broke our coupling after a re-power due to poor alignment.

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Hi Bob,

Do you happen to know the size (diameter) of the coupling shaft . I want to purchase one to use to make an alignment plate to change the motor mounts. However Vetus stocks 4 sizes.

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We had 1 of 4 bolts that clamp the Vetus coupler together shear a while back and are replacing all 4 along with the 4 rubber bushings which are intact but showing wear, distortion, and cracking.  The Yanmar was easy to slide back on the frame but there is not space between the C drive flange and the Vetus nor the transmission flange and the transmission to insert an original length bolt.  The Vetus bushings replacements ($25USD/4) are a regular, say 5 year replacement item in our opinion BUT is seems that to replace the bolt as it was originally would involve removing the flange of the C drive. Earlier, Danny (with a Volvo engine) posted that by using a bolt with both ends threaded the bolt could be replaced without removing the flange from the C drive or the flange from the transmission.  Are we missing something or do you need to use bolts with both ends threaded and nuts on each end?

Bob, KAIMI SM 429 

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