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Thanks for your reply. I agree, even at its best the prop zink is redundant and much more expensive per ounce than rudder zink.


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These are my thoughts and opinions:

All of the bonding wires join near the C Drive at the top of the gray water tank. The zinc on the prop will be used for the entire bonding system because it is linked...AND, more importantly, that zinc, since it is closer than the rudder zincs, will go first.

One other thing to consider, is when the zinc goes, it will dis-attach from one of the three screws at a time and until it flies off, it will cause an imbalance on the propeller.

I think with an unmodified and working Amel bonding system, a zinc on the prop is not necessary, will need replacing often, and can cause a few problems.

Remember, it is not good to change Henri's may suffer later.


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When I purchased my Amel-Super-Maramu I have had plastic cone on the prop. On all my previous boats it was zinks. I decided to replace plastic cone with zink. I still don't know why it was plastic.
Now my boat is on hard. I have completed seal replasement. I don't know if I should reinstall plastic or keep zink. In one year prop zink lost 5-10%. Rudder zink also lost approximately 5%.
Please advise.

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