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I previously posted a photo for everyone. It is in the Photo section in the Album named "Batteries."

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Hi Ben,

You are right, the boats need starting battery charger. All batterries are prone to self discharge.  It just a function of time. You never know what can happen and how long your boat will not be in service. As a minimum, I want to install a trickle charger just to maintain the charge.
I would like to know what BeBe has installed and how he did it. It will be nice if you or BeBe can provide this information for everyone.


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Probably true.  After confirming battery viability, I'll be looking  for circuit leak.  In any event i intend to install a small charger like BeBe has installed. 

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I believe you have a bad battery or possibly a small current drain on the battery caused by a bad connection. . I have left Kimberlite sitting for months and have never had a problem with that battery.

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It is a six month old battery from Grenada.  It drops to 10.4 volts In about 30 days.  I plan to load test this weekend 

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Ben, how long does it take to flatten your starting battery? I have had occasion to visit and assess  Amel Super Maramus that would be offered for sale that had been left unattended for three months and sometimes more. On only one of these marketing evaluation inspections did I find the starting battery to be unable to start the engine and/or generator, and that boat had a modified/compromised electrical system. I would suggest that you have a bad battery, a voltage leak and maybe both if the discharge period is less than a month. Remember, even brand new batteries can have manufacturing defects that cause them to fail at an early age.


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One of the shortcomings of my boat as there is no shore power charger for starter battery.  If boat sits starter battery invariable goes down.  Has anyone rigged a small charger to address this?  


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