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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi bob. No mine did not have a key. Nor was there a key way in the pulley. The sprag bearing I got was not cheap, nor did i expect it to be, it is a complex unit. I feel the $60 unit you found may be suspect.
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When the shop pressed out the old bearing, there was a round key between the outer diameter of the bearing and the pulley.  I wasn't expecting that!  It's about 2mm in diameter.  

Needless to say, I cannot find a bearing with a round key.  I wonder if Dessalator didn't machine that into the bearing?  My bearing supplier says the GMN FKNS 6206-2-RS bearing does not show a round key in the outer race...

Did you have the same experience?  Or perhaps you got the bearing from Dessalator?  The Dessalator rep here in the USA notes Dessalator recommends replacement of the entire pulley-bearing-collar assembly for almost $500 each pulley.  A bearing distributor here in WPB wants $480 for the GMN OEM bearing alone!

The replacement bearing I found also can be had with a standard keyway in the outer race, and I'm going to check with some shops to see if I can have the pulley wheel cut to provide a keyway to match in the pulley inner diameter.  If anyone is interested the replacement bearing from Boca Bearings is CSK206P(X) for a keyway on inner race or CSK206PP(X) for keyways on both the inner and outer race.

In the meantime, I'm going to order a pulley without the clutch bearing that will fit on the CAT Pump shaft for the 24 volt motor.  The other motor won't be belted to the CAT Pump.  That way I can fix the bearing problem with the benefit of time.  It will be good to have in the future if I have more trouble with the clutch bearings on the CAT Pump.


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