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I am not sure what is installed in the Santorin but we rebuilt our refrigerator this summer on our SM2K. We basically kept the shell and replaced the ice box condenser, thermostat and compressor. It took about a half day to remove the fridge and install the new parts and put it back in place. This way we still have the same facade wood front and did not have to do any cabinet work. We saved a considerable amount since we did not need a new box. We replace the removed parts with the same frigoboat units. The frigoboat parts come pre-charged with refrigerant and we had to only connect the condenser to the compressor with the easy connect color coded couplings (no r134a needed). The whole job was about US$1,000.


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Hi Santorin Owners,

did anyone exchange the fridge? We are looking for a replacement that should have a small freezer, like the original one. Our fridge runs now about 2/3 of the time or more and needs too much amps per day, so we think we will replace it by a new model, but it should fit without modifications at the nice mahagoni door...

we found the Waeco CRX110 would fit from the dimensions, has also a nice freezer, but the opening mechanism seems not to be compatible with the current system/door.

The Isotherm Cruise 130 would also fit but there is no real freezer inside, only for temporary use (info from the manual)

What models will fit, any recommendations / experiences?

thx,  herbert
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