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If you place a zinc on the manifold and also leave the manifold connected to the bonding system, that zinc will be the closest zinc to all items in the bonding system and will deteriorate before the rudder zincs.

Yes, it can't hurt, but I would not advise it if the manifold is connected to the bonding system.

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316 SS is good, 316L is even better--if you can find it.  The key with either is the quality of the welding.

An equally good alternative is to make one from bronze pipe fittings. The exact shape isn't critical, and the parts are easily found.  You do have to be careful that ALL the pieces are REAL bronze.  Some places carry brass fittings under the catalog heading of bronze and using those would be bad...

Putting a zinc in can't hurt with either stainless or bronze.  The grounding wire will help protect from stray current corrosion, but the boat's zinc is way too far away to protect the piece from internal galvanic corrosion. 

Properly made, and protected from stray current problems, either stainless or bronze should outlast the boat.

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