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Thank you so much paul. It seems like he's the man for the job!

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If Oliver is unavailable, I would highly recommend David Huffman from the Tampa area.  He surveyed my boat when it was in Trinidad last November.

I was exceptionally satisfied with David. He was recommended by Mark and Cindy on Creampuff - Joel Potter had recommended him to them. He has done more than 200 Amels and knows the boats extraordinarily well.  I was thoroughly satisfied with his attention to detail.

David is very knowledgeable and very professional. He spent 16 hours of his time over 3 days going over everything.

Contact info: 

Dave Huffman.
Phone - 954-205-3153.
Email - dwhuffman@...

Feel free to use my name.

Paul Stascavage
SM #466 - s/v Rita Kathryn
Rodney Bay Marina - Saint Lucia

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