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I replaced my Frig. several years ago with a 2 drawer ac/dc vitrifrigo. It has a SS finish and fits with very little modification. The top drawer is a freezer and bottom refrigerator. You can adjust the temperature. Both drawers has a large capacity. My Santorin did not have a separate freezer, so it is a major improvement. I have also added an Engel 35 for additional freezer space  


Bali Hai SN24



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Hi Santorin Owners,

did anyone exchange the fridge? We are looking for a replacement that should have a small freezer, like the original one. Our fridge runs now about 2/3 of the time or more and needs too much amps per day, so we think we will replace it by a new model, but it should fit without modifications at the nice mahagoni door...

we found the Waeco CRX110 would fit from the dimensions, has also a nice freezer, but the opening mechanism seems not to be compatible with the current system/door.

The Isotherm Cruise 130 would also fit but there is no real freezer inside, only for temporary use (info from the manual)

What models will fit, any recommendations / experiences?

thx,  herbert
SN120, KALI MERA, Dominica


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