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Can someone give advice on how to inspect, clean/flush the Maramu
diesel fuel tank? Are there access panels? What is the internal
Hi !
Maramu fuel tank hasn´t any possibility of inspection. Because of
internal baffle you cannot clean the whole floor but only the portion
under the feeding hole.This is the most important area, because it is
the deepest and where the outlet pipe is welded.
A rubber hose of one inch introduced thru the feeding hole, long enough
to touch the floor, connected to the inlet of a pump, can do the job.
Because a rubber hose is never strait, if you turn it continously you
can clean a wider surface.
This is what I have done in the past (with satisfactory results) but in
the near future I will install in the opposite side of the hull a
filtered day tank.
I have the drowing of the tank on board and at the moment I am on land
in Italy while the boat is on a yard in Cartagena(Colombia). If you
aren´t in a hurry I can send it to you in November when I´ll be back on
Fair wind and kind regards
Gabriele Antolini

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