Re: Bow thruster saga continues!


Patrick,.something shoved the motor out of line, or perhaps you were rolling side to side, or maybe something jammed in the bow thruster "hull section".  At any case, all you need to do is prop up the motor so it doesn't fall, then identify the cable lifting the motor and remove the two aircraft cable clamps to free the motor.  Lower it down to un-jamb it and then reconnect the cable clamps in their original position.  Marking the cable is a good idea prior to removing the clamps so you can put them back in their original position.  

Then locate the "black box" adjacent to the motor, stbd side, more than midway up the trunk, remove the cover and check the fuse.  It's likely blown.  It's a 10 amp (if I recall correctly) auto type fuse and there may be one taped to the box.  Replace it and you should now be good to go.  

You might want to dive on the hull to ensure nothing is jambed there.

Wanderer, SM#477

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