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Mike Ondra


I cannot speak to your hull rubrail details, only our SM#240. They may have changed, which is why it is so important to always include hull #’s in these postings.

As you saw in the drawing, the rub rail proper is a continuation of the hull turning out, then up, and then turned back towards the boat. It is the same stuff as the hull, fiberglass, the sketch even showing the special mold that is used when laying it up. There is no joint between the rub rail protrusion and the hull . It appears that after attaching the deck/cabin house to the hull, they are glassed together on the inside to form a structural monocoque hull.  The rubber gutter insert simply closes the exposed gap between the 2 parts. We have had our rubrail repaired by a fiberglass shop.

Hope that helps.




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Hi Mike,


That drawing is interesting.  It appears not to distinguish between the hull below the rubrail, and the rubrail.  But the rubrail isn't fiberglass, at least I think it's not based on the gouges I see.  It does look like thermoplastic though.  The sketch does not infer a joint at the bottom of the rubrail, and my finger doesn't find a joint there either.  I wonder if they put the rubrail in the mold and fiberglassed to it?  Or is it just part of the hull???



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