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billklein48 <sidecar1@...>

In one of the recent boat magazines: either Latitudes and Attitudes
or Passagemaker, there was an article on the subject of fuel
polishing systems and installation of inspection ports in existing
tanks. On a metal tank as on my Maramu it would be a fairly easy
installation to put in one or two inspection ports. The fuel level
would have to lower than the port(s) for installation of course. The
retro-fitted ports have an exterior metal bezel and I believe a split
reinforcement to be installed inside the tank to retain a gasket
seal. Perhaps someone out there could remember which magazine it was
from. I dont have space to save old mags.
----Bill Klein SV "Popeye"
--- In, "Jochen Hofmann" <jochen@...>

To the best of my knowledge this is one of the flaws in the Maramu
design -
there isn't any.

We have the same issue on our Blue Song - so far fortunately it
become an issue !

Has anyone had an inspection opening made for the Maramu fuel tank ?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated !

Fair Winds,

Jochen Hofmann

Maramu # 143 Blue Song

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