Re: SAMS certification?

SV Perigee

Hi Porter, and others,

If there is an AMEL-savvy surveyor going to be in the SE Caribbean in February, then we would be interested to share/contribute to costs.

We anticipate the need for a few weeks of routine post-purchase maintenance (e.g., iron keel, engine room hoses & pipes, S/W pumps & heads) and perhaps some small works to re-instate some equipment and systems back to a closer-to-AMEL than is currently the case.  That would be the intent for having Dave/Olivier or whom-ever come and look over our 2003 SM, to inform our decisions re the size and priorities of the works program.

Time-frame: early/mid February; location: Martinique.  Can be flexible.

Looking forward to meeting you Porter, in a few weeks in Martinique.

Perigee, SM#396, Martinique

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My wife and I are planning to go to Martinique from Feb 9-12. 
I'd be happy to see how many would be willing to share in the Oliver "delivery costs"
Anyone in?  And then would he be available?


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If you decide to use Olivier, I may be interested as well for an in the water survey in the Caribbean.  As I recall there were others who voiced interest as well - which would drive travel cost down.  For me, it all depends on when and where.

Ben Driver
La Bella Vita
SM #347

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