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Unfortunately I don't know how the Maramu fuel tank is but I know
very well Sharki's tank.
This winter we had a very big refurbishing of our Sharki nr. 144 and
we put the fuel tank on the land, out of the boat.
The Sharki has the fuel tank on a side of the engine inside the
boat, along the wall between the engine and the passageway to the
rear cabine.
Its a 340 lt tank, it was washed and shaked several time but all was
made on the land. It's quite simple to bring out of the boat, trough
the main door, and when it went back into the boat a new covering
was made.

I hope this will help.

Alberto Marsini (Sharki 144, Talamone)

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To the best of my knowledge this is one of the flaws in the Maramu
design -
there isn't any.

We have the same issue on our Blue Song - so far fortunately it
become an issue !

Has anyone had an inspection opening made for the Maramu fuel
tank ?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated !

Fair Winds,

Jochen Hofmann

Maramu # 143 Blue Song

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