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Bob Grey

Bill, your advice on replacing a Vetus coupling on a 55 would be appreciated, Amel recommends sliding the engine forward 15 cm to fit it, it appears to me I can drill and tap the steel spacer to use shorter bolts or studs than the long through bolts supplied without moving the engine.


Bob Grey

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I recommend C Drive service at 800 engine hours or 2 years which ever comes first. This would include new wear bushing, 3 new seals, and new oil. At that same time adding grease to the AutoProp, and servicing the bow thruster. We also renew antifouling every two years.

Bruntons, manufacturer of AutoProp, recommended 1200 hours for bearing replacement. I replaced our AutoProp bearings at 2200 hours and the old bearings had no signs of I am not sure. The bearing kit is around 500-600 euros. Do you remember if Amel just added grease, or if they installed a bearing kit? BTW, the bearing kit installation is not that easy. I had an AutoProp representative do it for me.

Bill Rouse
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Thanks Bill and all for sharing your thoughts and experience and taking the time.  

I will clean the Turbo per your recommendation when we will come back from our road trip at the end of February

Regarding the Autoprop I have it serviced by Amel Caraibes early February at 2600 hours as well as the C-Drive.

Then I have cleaned the Autoprop diving several times since to ensure good mobility.

We are now in NZ at 3600 hours.


What is your recommended hours to service the C-drive - we assume no mayonnaise in the oil ?

and the Autoprop?

Thank you

Dominique Guenot 

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