Onan Gen Set Replancement

richard03801 <richard03801@...>

When we got our boat SM 209 we had some issues with the gen set, it smoked and the
owners before us claimed it to be bad injectors, taking them at their word we bought the
boat replaced the injectors and only to find the gen set really needed a valve job and rings.
With 2700 hours plus on it and oil like tar we decided to replace the thing...
Cummis gets US 12,000 $ for theirs, we went with Bata Marine using an 1105 Kubota to
drive a 220 v 50 cyc gen set at 1500 rpm works a treat. Doing the removal and insall was
easy and it runs great. The people at Bata are great to work with.
Bata is a great option if you need a replacement gen set.
Fair Winds to all
Richard SM 209

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