Electronics questions for 2003 sm#380


Hi all, I am headed down to Fort Lauderdale next week to continue getting to know my newly acquired SM and am planning on meeting with Jeff Grossman of Associated Electronics to evaluate the current Furuno vx2 set up and discuss possible upgrades.  I have recently seen a few comments on the forum warning against letting regular 'electronics types' poke around and work in the electrically bonded world of Amel electronics.  Are there specific things I need to be aware of before going ahead with an upgrade?  Are there 24v/bonded protocols or specialists in the south Florida area?

I must say, the sense I get from reading the various threads on the forum make me feel as if I need to educate myself to a level higher than most of those I ask to service my vessel so that I can personally oversee all work done to her, and this seems daunting to a new owner.  

Those that have altered or replaced the original Nav electronics (Chartplotters, radar, AIS, etc), what have you gone with, and where and who did the work, or would you recommend to do the work?

Thanks for your time, consideration, and knowledge,

Steve Morrison

SM#380 Tourai

Ft Lauderdale

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