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Hi Lars,
thank you very much for your interesting information.
What about the engine trasmission, the C trasmission from Amel, is
it ok? I heard that for a period, the first years of its production,
it gave some problems, is that true in your knoledge?
Thank you again.

Alberto (Sharki 144, Talamone)

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Hi Alberto

I own a 1993 Santorin and is very pleased with it - also regarding
performance. I has the wing-keel that moves weight further down
compared to
the more traditional keel on the Maramu and give some other
advantages. Also
it seems that the masts is slightly taller, but this is based on
my viewing
og my boat side-by-side with a Maramu. Further is that the
internal weight
(batteries, tanks) is moved so I comes nearer the center line of
the boat.

After what I have heard this should give the Santorin a slightly
performance that the Maramu with no downsides. These boats are all
very blue
water capable and I am most impressed with my boats behavior in
weather and big waves.

Best Regards


Santorin #79 Salvagny

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Sent: 21. august 2007 23:16
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Santorin or Maramu?

Has anyone any suggestion on this topic?
From My knowledge, what I heard from some Amel expert people is
Santorin was more oriented to better sailing performance than the
Maramu. But this one should be better for the long ocean cruising

Is that right?

If any Santorin owners could give suggestion it could be very

Thank you in advance.

Alberto Marsini (Sharki nr. 144, Talamone)

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