Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Sandblasting Good or Bad?(to remove Antifouling to Gellcoat)

Patrick McAneny

I have been thinking I would like to get rid of all the layers of bottom paint. I was wondering about chemical stripers , if they work and how well. Seems like you may run the risk of scratching the gel coat scraping , is that a concern and how wide of a scraper would you use. I got a quote of almost $3000. to sandblast, more than I expected , being a one day job , but if it saves ten days of scraping ... Just wondering what others have done. Also wondering how one deals with the bottom of the keel only a couple of inches off the ground and resting on blocking.
Pat SM#123

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I have always avoided the chemical strippers myself due to concerns of short and long term damage to the gel coat.  The stuff goes into any cracks in the gel coat and can get into the laminate and or into any voids under the gel coat which is not a good thing.   The suggestion that was made to use a good sharp scrapper is IMO a good way to go,  just take your time.  As was also suggested, go with the carbide blades.  The Bahco 660 or 665 scrapper works well for me,  you can find these on Amazon.  You can also sand it off with a dustless system or use this as a follow up to the scrapping.  Definitely avoid using a heat gun as it is just too easy to craze the gel coat. 

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James Alton
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Hi Forum, Just about to scrap bottom - is sand blasting good method? seen the end result - looks neat but rough compare to manual. Not sure if good or bad, however, about 50% cost compare to manual + chemical. Any experiences or view

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