Re: Looking for info on early 80s Maramus



Purchased "Cerulean" Maramu #105 - '82 over 4 years ago, and have been loving every minute on the water. Spent the last 4yrs refitting the interior and creature comforts (she had original cushions and upholstery that needed some TLC). 

I've documented almost all of it on Cerulean's blog:

Check it out - it's been a lot of hard and sometimes extremely frustrating work, but the end result is a vessel that is offshore seaworthy, built much better than newer plastic'hull thickness manufactured boats and has beautiful woodwork, layout + headroom and amenities (I'm over 6'4" tall).

The previous owner did a great job re-powering the year before I purchased her, Eric also made sure the electronics we're updated for normal modern demands (Freedom20) and a few 110v outlets I've benefitted a ton from Mr. Lindholm's attention to detail and desire 'to do things right' the first time (thank goodness). 

Added a fresh water toilet to the aft head + plumbing back to the holding tank midship. New water pump and accumulator tank. 

Examples of my posts and how to have fun with documenting the somewhat tedious projects, IMHO focus on Celebrating the touchdowns!

New Salon Interior & Closet Curtains


Aft stateroom bed extension, and converted the tiny vanity into a cabinet (like the SM).

Aft Cabin – Vanity Conversion


New Flooring:
Replacing ugly carpet with Loncoin Flooring – Mission Accomplished


You too can update/upgrade a 80's Maramu it just takes time and proper budgeting, but for a reasonable price you end up with what I feel is a million dollar sailing yacht and rewarding investment. Friends who have 45-55ft+ Beneteaus, Catalina's and Jeanneaus always comment on the handling under sail and on the water - for them it's analogous to my first time in a German car (it just felt more engineered) :)

Just have fun and know your hard work will pay off!



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