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I have hull 91 built in 1981. I bought the boat about 6 years ago and have refitted her. I don't know the history of the particular boat in Florida but it looks good from the pictures and a good price considering it looks like quite a bit has been updated. 

The winches on the aft cabin top are not standard and the refrigeration has been changed from a front opening refrigerator. The point mentioned earlier about the mizzen being over compressed and shifting that rope box between the mizzen mast and bulkhead appears not to have occurred. The engine is old but looks well looked after based on the pictures and the added fuel filtration. The willingness to post pictures of the nooks and crannies is a good thing. Some changing of carpet hull liner could be in order but the biggest problem is normally collapsing ceiling vinyl liner and this boat looks ok.

My boat has the same rig. Later ones had 2 spreaders and electric furling. An advantage of this set up is it easy to get off-the-shelf rigging parts if the old bits are corroded or worn out. I have a fully battened main and mizzen and that helps sailing performance. 

I don't think these boats are great for popping out for a few hours sail but if you are looking for an economical cruiser that is safe and "go anywhere" that boats looks good.

Personally, for an economical cruiser and an older boat, I think it's an advantage to have the conventional furling headsail with lowering main, no lowering bow thruster and a normal prop shaft. These are a plus on the later boats (ovbiously Amel progressed the design with the intention of improvements and modernisation - not going backwards) but the result is more convenience and luxury at the expense of more cost and more maintenance. It depends on what you're after and what your budget is.

John, Popeye, Maramu #91, 1981, Port Douglas, Australia

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Hi all.

We're looking very seriously at a 1983 Maramu (Pura Vida, #124), in Stuart/Indiantown FL, USA.  Would anybody have any information they'd be willing to share on this vessel specifically or on similarly aged sisterships?  Anything good or bad?  

Thanks in advance,

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