Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Which Amel ? Does anyone know the ehistory of design changes / revisions for Super Maramu

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We all tend to identify ourselves rather than going incognito.

The SM changed somewhat every year during its production, with a major change toward convenience and luxury in 2000.

If you work with the best Amel broker in the world, he will tell you everything that changed each year. Contact Joel Potter at jfpottercys"at"

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Hi All,

Am considering a Super Maramu however I can not seem to find what was changed for each year's revision of the design & I am sure there were many upgrades over the years - some may have been better than others

So please feel free to bring out you experiences of particular years r& sub models etc & what changed or needed changing

I would consider the newer models Amel 55 & up however they seem to have gone for the floating home interior - walk around beds & armchairs etc that are unsuitable for long ocean passages ( correct me if you wish)

All Info & opinions welcome



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