Re: Admiral Bill

John Clark

Dear All,

   While I am only 30 days into my tenure as an “Amel custodian,” I have been guided by Bill and Judy both on the forum and privately for almost a year before I finally found the right boat.


  When Bill first announce the sale of Bebe I had to confess to him that I had “used” him to convince the other half that we would be just fine at sea on an Amel because of all the technical support from the forum, and Bill especially.   Amel should give Bill an award, (or a paid position!) for all the support he has given the Amel brand. 


As for me I say thank you Bill, for the guidance how to find the right boat, the assistance during the purchasing process, and finally for making introductions that made me feel welcome to the group.   I certainly hope you will “stick around” but if your duties take you elsewhere it has been a  pleasure and an honor to  know you.    So I also say Here Here!


                           Regards,  John


John Clark

“Vent de Soleil” SM 037


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