Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Sandblasting Good or Bad?(to remove Antifouling to Gellcoat)

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Hi guys 
Last year I remove The old antifouling and I prefer to do this job by my hand. It is very tiresome, you can use a gently water sandblaster. 
Consider that is very important don't damage the gelcoat cause you 'll have in future osmosis problem.
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Do you have an opinion on soda blasting?  Like sand blasting but uses sodium carbonate (baking soda) instead of sand, a much softer, more gentle, material.  It's not available everywhere, and requires some specialized equipment.

I had a few boats stripped like this in the past, and the gelcoat sure LOOKED good afterwards, but I did not have a long enough followup to see any long term effects.

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