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Courtney Gorman

Here Here as a newbie still looking I have been amazed with all the insight and information you share Bill.

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Admiral Bill, I initiated this thread because it would not be good for the group, nor for you I dare say, to just have you ride into the sunset. At the very least we hope you will keep your ever loving eyes on all of us Amelians on the Yahoo site and do your best to help us keep our boats sound, our evolutions wholesome, and the preservation of a deep “ Be Careful” attitude amongst the new cognoscente that will be up and coming in the near future. Many folks think I preach the “take it easy/ be careful/think thrice” dictum because I drank too much Amel Kool Aid when all of my connections to Amel stuff was fortified by spending a great deal of time with them in the Amel Bastion of La Rochelle/Perigny.  While I am not quite as steadfast with the don’t change nothing pronouncement that you were wise to espouse, I came by my belief to keep it the way The Captain intended when I was able to spend what comes down to months and months in La Rochelle over more than three decades of visits, learning the why’s and how’s of,” Jhoe-ell, ziss iz why we do zat “ .I could spend several paragraphs giving praise to all the Amel folks that shared with me the why and how of Amel, taught me the reasons that they deviated from conventional thinking, and instilled in me the more than fierce pride that each and every freaking  body who worked there has in THEIR company. I maintain my Amel Esprit De Corps and, as anyone who knows me will tell you, my enthusiasm for almost all things Amel is profound, genuine and unassailable. SO IS YOURS!!! Please agree to be the site’s Editor Emeritus and share the deepest resource of Amel knowledge we have available to us, you. Please…
Anyone who is reading this and has yet to post a’ Here Here’ to this thread, please do so and add your comments. Otherwise, as Joni Mitchell sang,” Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got ‘till it’s gone?”
Your Buddy, Joel
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Here Here!!
We're going to miss you Bill, please don't make us go cold turkey!

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