Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Admiral Bill


Reading Joels post I have to add my enthusiasm for the "editor" suggestion

- I have been quiet on the forum as I do not have an Amel yet (2017 I will be purchasing though) - Yet I have been reading almost everything and I would like to add that Bill (and others) bring a passion to this wonderful creation - I have looked at other types - I will not mention them - but it is the passion for them that sets these apart.

So a big thanks to Bill you have made my learning so much better and given me confidence in the "Amel system"- and actually - you and the forum have "sold" me on the AMEL. 

Amel should really foster this/sponsor this as it is this passion and support that will help them also.

When you are a sailor you join an unofficial club as you love sailing - but when you join the Amel group you have people worldwide who are willing to help.

A Big Thanks from Jim in  NZ

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