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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi all,
whiles Bills technical advice has been valuable I believe his aggressive (in the nicest possible way) insistence that we change nothing until we have owned the boat some time has been even more valuable and has contributed markedly to maintaining the value of the fleet.

I am sure many of us have been saved from unwise actions by this advice. To quote him "the Captain knows best". The many idiosyncrasies of the Amel design have years of research and practical application behind them which have produced exceptional  yachts, different yes but always with good reason.
Thanks Bill
SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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Reading Joels post I have to add my enthusiasm for the "editor" suggestion

- I have been quiet on the forum as I do not have an Amel yet (2017 I will be purchasing though) - Yet I have been reading almost everything and I would like to add that Bill (and others) bring a passion to this wonderful creation - I have looked at other types - I will not mention them - but it is the passion for them that sets these apart.

So a big thanks to Bill you have made my learning so much better and given me confidence in the "Amel system"- and actually - you and the forum have "sold" me on the AMEL. 

Amel should really foster this/sponsor this as it is this passion and support that will help them also.

When you are a sailor you join an unofficial club as you love sailing - but when you join the Amel group you have people worldwide who are willing to help.

A Big Thanks from Jim in  NZ

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