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Daniel Freerksen

Admiral Bill and Judy, Joel ,and the Amel owners yacht group, my wife and I are also new to the forum , but not new to your web site Bill and Judy.  I want to say I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures, and your expertise on the Amel Yachts.  We recently sold our HR 42 ketch and are on the prowl for a new boat, and watching and reading about this group, the support and comradeship that is extended to all, has convinced us to put the Amel on the top of our list.

Bill, Do not go to land and disappear, I have read many of your helpful suggestions for repairs, fixes, and ideas to make the Amel the fine sailing yacht that it is, and if you disappear, you will be surly missed by all.  Your solutions for issues are spot on, and the deep understanding of the Amel yachts and there philosophy on systems makes you so invaluable to all who own a Amel , and to the future Amel owners such and Angie and I.

We have been on land for the last 4 years, and take it from me, Its DRY out here.  If fact, sometimes I just soak in a tub for hours to be fell normal again.

No matter where you go, and what you do, You and Judy are in our thoughts, and again, thank you for your very informative web site, and all the information you have given the forum over the past years.


Dan and Angie

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Reading Joels post I have to add my enthusiasm for the "editor" suggestion

- I have been quiet on the forum as I do not have an Amel yet (2017 I will be purchasing though) - Yet I have been reading almost everything and I would like to add that Bill (and others) bring a passion to this wonderful creation - I have looked at other types - I will not mention them - but it is the passion for them that sets these apart.

So a big thanks to Bill you have made my learning so much better and given me confidence in the "Amel system"- and actually - you and the forum have "sold" me on the AMEL. 

Amel should really foster this/sponsor this as it is this passion and support that will help them also.

When you are a sailor you join an unofficial club as you love sailing - but when you join the Amel group you have people worldwide who are willing to help.

A Big Thanks from Jim in  NZ

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