Re: Admiral Bill


Bill has been a great resource and long distance mentor to Peg and I.  Early in our Amel search, Bill responded to a question I put on the forum of an Amel in the Northeast and actually volunteered to meet us there to look it over with us.  I had never met Bill, other than reading his posts and a few back and forths on this forum.  That kind of camaradarie is pretty well unknown in this world outside of military service.  Bill combines that spirit with an amazing degree of engineering skill, how many of us would diagnose an airconditioning fault to one of its several capacitors?  Most of us would have just ordered up another AC unit!  

This is a great group, and Bill has been a big part of it.  I also hope that Bill will stay active on the forum, and only wish Peg and I had a chance to run into Bill and Judy on the water.

with Warmest Regards,
Wanderer, SM#477

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