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As a newbie Bill I have followed and saved in an Amel folder all of the emails I’ve seen you send for future reference. Your encyclopaedic knowledge of AMEL boats is far too great to allow you to simply sail off over the horizon. It would be brilliant for all of us if you felt able to stay engaged with the group as you move to another phase of your life. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us all. With our very best wishes to you and Judy for whatever the future holds.
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I am really shocked. I thought that my "The-Amel-way-is-the-only-way" attitude had already pissed all of you off!

Maybe I have not been forceful enough.

Bill Rouse
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When I see a post from Bill Rouse, I never question if it is correct or not. I take it as fact.


When we purchased Cream Puff, Bill sent me a DVD with all his maintenance files and manuals. It is still my first go to source when I have a question or need to understand something better. I can honestly say, Bill was one of reasons we purchased an Amel. He was so passionate on the forum (we joined prior to our purchases) that it made me question many of the things we found in other boats. He certainly made Joel's job a little easier. I have slowly found out he was right and there was good reason for his passion. I have emailed Bill several times outside the forum and he has always taken time to respond. I wish I could download his brain (just the Amel stuff) and have it for the rest of our cruising days. Bill contributions to this group are priceless.


Selfishly, I hope Bill doesn't leave us cold turkey. This forum will never be quite the same without him.


Bill, thank you, thank you, thank you.


With best regards,





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