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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Here here Bill & Judy! 

Again, Congratulations  and thank you for the huge value you have added to make this forum what is has become, and to the Amel brand we all love so much. You can see from all the many messages that we are keen to see you remain a member of this forum if that were at all possible from your end. Please don't drop out on us, but by the same token we hope you both enjoy the next chapter to the fullest too.

Kind regards

Colin & Lauren Streeter
Island Pearl II, Amel 53 #332
(On the hard at Boatworks, Gold Coast for annual anti-foul, prop & bowthruster service.)

On 18 Jan 2017, at 7:13 PM, pepinoamel <no_reply@...> wrote:


I have owned my SM now for over 4 years and without the help and guidance from Bill I would often have been lost.  He has saved me a lot of money and time and it's incredible how reliable he is in answering queries on the forum within a very short time.  Another aspect I find very important is that Bill always manages to keep the tone of the forum on an even keel and people who obviously don't want to stick to a civilized tone and pleasant camaraderie, are very soon weeded out.

I very much support Joel's idea of asking Bill to stay on as editor, if his time allows.  I believe all the Amel owners would benefit greatly from Bill's further involvement.  I know I would.

Many thanks to Bill and all the best to you and Judy.


SM 381 Pepino

Evia, Greece

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