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A few words:

I am overwhelmed with the unwarranted praise.

Sometimes circumstances will make ordinary people appear to stand out, and I am ordinary. Amel, Joel Potter, and many of you are the reasons for my passion. I am pleased beyond words that you have found a way to appreciate me.  There is more than one of you walking in my footprints in the Amel sand. For that, I am especially pleased. You know who you are. As I fade out, please keep this group of Amel devotees what it is. You can do it.

I am sure that I cannot continue my level of participation as in the past. Also, I cannot accept any honorary editor designation because I will not do a half-ass job. However, I will offer that I'll continue receiving Amel Yacht Owner Group emails and that I will respond from time-to-time. But, I may miss some important threads. If there is a thread that any of you want me to comment on, email me at brouse@.... I will do my best to respond accurately and quickly.

You might also want to look at the blog that my wife, Judy, has maintained during our 11+ year circumnavigation on BeBe. This link will get you there:


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