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Thanks Ben. The rail mounted Viking Rescyou Pro 6 is what I am leaning towards as well. Unfortunately it appears to be 2" or so too wide for the lift mechanism in my Amel compartment, so I will likely repurpose that compartment possibly as a dedicated sail locker for both ballooner sand lines. 


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I had an 8 man bombard that came with boat stored in port lazerate.  It weighed well over 100 pounds and I needed to winch it out with halyard.  It's now gone and I'm replacing with a rail mounted unit.  Several companies - e.g., Platissmo, Viking -.make good units with rail mounting options, which are much easier to deploy. And no drilling holes in deck for a cradle!  Viking self righting six man is what I will buy.

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I am back with my new SM 380 in Ft. Lauderdale this week ticking off some new owner boxes and am wondering what others are doing for their life raft. At present I have a zodiac 6 person that lives in the life raft well (deck hatch) and shows an inspection sticker of Dec, 2011. It is my understanding that newer life rafts can go three years between inspection rather than what I believe is every year for older versions such as mine. Are there newer 3-year 6-person offshore rafts that fit in the Amel liferaft compartment? Have some of you moved your raft to a different location because you have purchased one that does not fit in Amel's space?

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