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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Number two is what we do.

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Here are two suggestions for all of you that I believe will be acceptable to all, possibly even Captain Amel would like #2  (I hope so). We have done both and are currently configured with #2:
1.) We removed everything from the liferaft locker and placed 10 of the 18.9 liter Jerry cans inside. Then placed the liferaft inside the aft end of the cockpit lazarette.
2.) We placed 4 of the 18.9 liter Jerry cans in the bottom of the liferaft locker, then a wood "shelf," cut to size, on top of the Jerry cans. On the shelf we place the liferaft, one 25 liter emergency water, a ditch bag, and a dry bag with a hand pump water maker. Be sure to secure the bitter end of the rip cord..
I like number 2 the best because it solves all issues, especially UV and heat damage to the liferaft.
We have carried extra fuel on ocean passages, but never used any of it.
Bill Rouse
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Hi Steve,

We have a 6 man Plastimo Transocean mounted in a stainless holder on the outside of the port aft rail. It has a 3 year service turnaround and we've done it twice now.
I personally don't like the idea of having the liferaft in a compartment. When you need it, it needs to be able to be deployed quickly and that's only really possible if it is outside somewhere.
We use that port side deck compartment for spare fuel containers.
Elyse SM437 

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