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Mike Ondra

We have recently had occasion where the refrigerator compressor ceases to work, or at least doesn't come on when it should. Sometimes turning the breaker off and back on will cause the compressor to restart. But only sometimes. Possibly a sticky thermostat?  Or weak capacitor? Any clues?
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We've sailed our boat for 5 years, and used the dual pole setup on pretty much every long run. Setup time 10 min for the poles each side, plus 10+ min for the second sail. 
Used it all the way up to 30+ kn running up the Gulf Stream.
The setup is easy, once you got it, and creates a very stable, flat boat.

Absolutely loved it.
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It's great Jacob!  Easier than a Spinnaker, you can sail as much as 20d or so off dead downhill, roll the two sails up together to reef quickly, or swing the ballooner over behind the Genoa if you have to turn up into the wind in a pinch.  When I bought Kristy she had a Spinnaker on board, but I've never used it.  It's hard to douse singlehanded, but not hard to put up.
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Hi all.  

Are the dual articulating whisker poles really awesome or not really all that useful?  We're looking at a couple Maramus-- one, from 1983, seem to have come before that was introduced and has only one pole and is lacking the framework in the shrouds.  The other, from 1986, has dual pole setup.  Is that a huge advantage, or no?  I've seen the Delos crew use them and it definitely looks like it would be great for a long downwind run, but I wonder what others think.

Thanks for you thoughts!

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