Watermaker Dead


We have SM#331 with the 160 liter per hour watermaker. We pickled our
watermaker last January and attempted to re-commission it last week.
We first ran the unit with no pressure for an hour, in order to flush
out the chemicals and then raised the pressure to the normal
operating pressure. The unit began to operate with 110 liter / hour
output. We have seen this low output before when the unit has just
been put back into service after a lay-up and with a few hours of
operation, the output has gradually increased to the 150 liter / hour

On this occasion, the unit shut itself off after 30 minutes of "full
pressure" operation and we found the red "Alarm" light was on.

The input filters had already been changed. I have checked the input
voltages to the unit and both 24 volts DC supply and 220 volts AC are
there. I measured 220 volts on the input side of both of the motor
relays but the output side was dead. The logic board has it's green
LED lit. I checked all of the four fuses on the logic board and they
are all OK. I tested the high pressure switch and found it "open".
Just in case it is supposed to be "closed", I jumpered the terminals
but this had no effect. The unit remains "dead" with no pump
operation whatsoever.

Is there anything else to check? Anyone have any ideas or suggestion?

SV DoodleBug

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