Re: Is a Monohull (AMEL) the right choice?

Mohammad Shirloo

Hello porter;

The monohull vs cat discussion is a lengthy one that has been well argued on both sides of the fence on several forums and online articles.

In regards to The AMEL brand and specifically AMEL 54, which we have owned and sailed for the past 2-1:2 years, we are unconditionally sold on her and would not change her for yachts double her size or cost. I think you will find that whoever owns an AMEL is fiercely loyal to the brand, for very valid and time proven reasons, in our opinion.

It is a well proven design with over 3000 of the same design concepts that have travelled all the worlds oceans for over 30 years. This plus many many other design considerations is what made us select an AMEL among a list of other well known reputable brands.

In our opinion you cannot go wrong with an AMEL. However I think you need to resolve the monohull vs CAT for your purposes.


Mohammad And Aty
AMEL 54 #099
B&B Kokomo

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