Re: Watermaker Dead


Hi Gary,
Got up this morning and found all of your messages! (we are UTM +2).
Thank You!!

The BP relay is a "Finder 55.32" and is labeled 24V; The HP 4 relay
is also clearly labeled 24V. I did test the BP relay by using the
manual override and it fired up the pump which came up to it's normal

It does seem like I could disconnect the Plug #1 (it does pull off,
doesn't it?) and by applying 24 volts of either polarity to the
violet, green and orange pairs, override the control board. It is my
understanding that if you put 24V power on the HP (violet) and the
Bypass Solenoid Control (orange) about two minutes after applying 24V
power to the BP (green), then you will have duplicated what the
control panel does. Is this correct?

On the control board, the only fuse with power to it is the F1 which
showed 24V. The other three showed continuity but no power.

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I just uploaded to the Files section a PDF file entitled "Logic
Board Plug 1 Wiring
Diagram.tcm.pdf. This may aid your trouble shooting.


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