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Here are some simple ideas for gaining information before spending money or changing wiring, Oliver

can you do without electricity for a bit, long enough to disconnect the batteries?  then

1) Use a a good Ohm meter to check the resistance in each connecting wire used to parallel and series the batteries

if all the wires from terminal to terminal show 0 resistance then

2) check individual resting voltage of each isolated battery
3) do you have a modern load tester? test the isolated batteries with this instrument.
4) is there anything under the batteries that could provide a hidden ground connection?

This may give you an idea of how to proceed with this unusual problem that does not seem to be Amel-related.

Tartan 4100 in Connecticut 

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Well, I already took out the low voltage ones and just connected the high voltage ones with over 13,2 V - all the same age and the same brand. After two days I had the same effect one of the parallel connected batterie has around 13 voltage and the other one around 10. 
It was not only one pair of batteries with this problem, it was the entire batterie bank. One of the pair with high and one with low voltage. 

All the covers of the cables has not any more the original color, the red one looks almost like the black ones. The owner changed 2 years ago one pair of batteries - for sure that was a mistake.
SV JoEmi

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