Re: Where to Lay up (US East coast)

Gary Wells

+1 on Herrington Harbor.  Spent a few months there.  Spent 3 months at Port Annapolis as well (yes, it is pricier, but convenient to everything, including awesome breakfasts at Grumps :)

Finally, we spent a few months, more than once, at Hartge's Yacht Harbor in Galesville; south of Annapolis but north of Herrington Harbor.  They can haul you and store you on the hard for considerably less than either the mainstream Annapolis yards or even Herrington Harbor.  Caveat is that their 50T lift is a bit too short if you have a big arch on the tail.  We do not, and the backstays just barely touched the frame of the lift but we did not have to release them.

We found them to be friendly and accommodating, their workmanship was good for us, and it was close enough to Annapolis to run and get parts easily.  They also have a small cabin they rent out.  It is rustic and quiet. You will be a slave to the tides, as when the Chesapeake goes really low (winds and all) you'll find yourself doing a bit of dredging at 2,300 RPM and 1 kt :) 

About an hour to either BWI or DCA and 2 hrs to IAD.  Not floating docks. Extremely well sheltered. Walking distance to a very small chandlery and to a couple of pretty good dock restaurants.  You will need a car for anything else.

Best wishes!!

Gary W
SM 209 Adagio
Fethiye, Turkey

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