Insurance (2016/7) - Single handed coverage??

Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Ahead of cruising this year we are keen to compare and decide on the most suitable insurance for global cruising. We have been with Panteanius since 2011 and they are great but we have never actually needed to claim yet and have mainly cruised locally.

On trawling through this site Panteanius appears to have a lot of support, however there are now recent comments about their Caribbean and Pacific insurance no longer being competitively priced, and on Island Pearl II we have a specific concern reading our policy in detail today with their "single handed clause - no cover if sailing between dusk and dawn or on a passage > 100nm!!" Although we normally sail 2 up there will be times when I am sailing some shorter passages alone so absolutely cannot accept insurance coverage with such a clause included in future.

Furthermore on other forums I am reading of 2016/7 coverage changes (various insurance companies - not sure if Panteanius specific?) where the boat must be manned at all times when anchored to be able to move out the way in case of collision with other vessels who have dragged their anchors.or no coverage!!" Imagine the problems this creates in never being able to go ashore together...

The other recommended companies mentioned are  

2.     AIG (USA) – Eric #376;(2016), 3.     Allianz files on site?? (2008), 4.     NZ Broker ?? Danny – 0.65% of value – possibly Alan too?, 5.     IMIS Annapolis, Maryland, USA. "Jackline policy", call Gary Golden at 410-827-3757 Ruth Moondog sm248 (2009), 6.     K Drewe Insurance Brokers in UK  $ 2,185 . My SM2K, 'MAIA' #293 (2009) Peter Aubrey, 7.     GJW insurance ,8.     AXA UK – (not competitive) 9.     French insurance   have a program especially for Amel.  Mr Geoffroy de Lasse. BeBe was insured with Helvetia written by Assurances deLassee in France.   Françoise GODINEAU <fgodineau"at">. .(2014), 10.     Y Yachts. Half the price and excess for named storms much better too. They have special cover for Oyster Yachts and are now looking to offer same for Amel owners. MD had Maramu fir 10 years Ian, 'Ocean Hobo' SN 96 (2016)

Those of you who have "single handed" coverage please let us know who you have gone with, and your experience / recommendations.. (possibly even if anyone actually has this coverage included with Panteanius elsewhere?) 

Much appreciated

Colin Streeter, Island Pearl II

Amel 53 #332, Back home in Brisbane today.

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