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Stephen Davis

All very good advice. We also have Pantaenius America, and for the first couple of years we're required to be at a Lattitude just north of Jacksonville, Florida by 15 July. Some policy's require you be north of Cape Hatteras by 1 June, and we thought the Pantaenius America policy to be fairly generous. Our policy cost with a hull value of $285k was about $2400.

We have now been in the Caribbean for over a year, and have just renewed our policy for $4100 without the previously mentioned geographic restrictions. We also lowered the hull value to $225k which is closer to the market value of the boat on today's market, and that saved us about $1300. When we renew next year, it will be for coverage through the Panama Canal, and to the South Pacific. I expect the premium will increase again with that coverage, but don't know yet.

We have thought of self insuring, but are not at a point where the premium has increased enough to warrant that. Having owned 7 boats over a period of 32 years, and never having made an insurance claim, it is a bit frustrating to keep paying so much money for insurance. With that said, we have been happy with the service provided by Pantaenius America, and Scott Stusek, our broker in Annapolis.

Steve Davis
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