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Hi all,
I shopped around when pre-insuring PERIGEE.  There were a few 'hems and haws' from various brokers - I went as direct as I could.  It boiled down to two however, Pantaenius USA or AUST.  When it came to the crunch, the USA policy documents (and general approach) did not recognise my prior nautical experience and RYA certifications.   For example, requiring a training skipper for an indeterminate amount of time, sign-off, and so on.  The folks at Pant's AUST however did take this into account, noting however the Hurricane Window for the Caribbean and 'no single handing >100nm or at night' provisos.  I can easily live with these, as this is not my intended modus operandi in any case.

Then, when I engaged paid crew to assit me on the leg Norfolk-Martinique (profi skipper, to act as FIrst Mate to support me in the oceanic leg south)  Pantaenius AUST was quick on the uptake on the change of plans when I needed to change crewing arrangements, understanding why without qualm, and then rapidly assessed the CVs of the paid crew so that could engage these good guys without delay.  This happened without an increase in premium.  Great flexibility, and speed to respond.

The prices between USA and AUST were ball-park comparable.  USA was, in my eye, overly legalistic.  AUST 'common sense' wording.

As an aside, I was expecting to need to replace the standing rigging almost immediately.  But - for my own piece of mind only - I got a rigging survey, and it came out very well - Moonshot had been lightly used, and on the hard for >50% of the recent years (with spars taken down over winter, some winters).  As a courtesy, expecting nothing, I submitted the rigging report to Pantaenius AUST, and they - unasked - extended the 10 year provision accordingly.  Thus giving me some flexibility and breathing space to choose the place and time of the inevitable replacement before the Trans-ATL or Trans-PAC crossing, or 'on condition '.  I will in any case do my own inspections at least every 6 months and before offshore/ocean work, and pay for a professional inspection annually, at least until I understand what I am seeing with an owner-skipper's eye.

I keep the insurer appraised of my sailing plans, and of the general state of what is going on. Perhaps, but perhaps not, this is paying dividends in the relationship as for the latitude being offered for favourable interpretations - I actively maintain dialogue, and take the 'suggestions' of the insurer seriously.  The message is that that I treat the insurer as an involved stake-holder, rather than 'you'll only hear from me when things go / have gone wrong' and, thus far, it is working out for me, that is, with the Aussie agents anyway.

On the basis of my limited experience - admittedly, like others, with out a claim yet made, and hopefully never needing to do so - I would heartily recommend investigating Pantaenius Australia for anyone weighing the various options for cruising insurance.

Happy to provide relevant contact details via PM/eM (eMail).

Blue skies,

PERIGEE, SM#396, Martinique

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We had an issue with our insurance last fall. PANTAENIUS did not renewed our insurance as our standing rigg was older than 10 years. We asked several insurance companies and ended up with Y Yacht in England. Wery swift reply. Very competitive price and the fine print looked good to us. Have not had any claim yet, its first then you know if you picked the right insurance company or not. Some English cruisers we meet said they where good to deal with
Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#295

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